Missed Call Solutions – a guide to poll

Missed Call Solutions

Missed Call Solutions are brilliant and brisk routes for customers to react to an organisation. The customer leaves a missed call on the promoted number, and that is the reaction to the organisation. The customer can tap on similar digits without being charged for the call. Since the demand is computerised, it disengages after one ring, consequently satisfying the reason. If necessary, the organisation gets back to the customer.

How do Missed Call Polls work?

Let us assume; you are a clothing manufacturer. If you want to manufacture a new dress but are unsure which colour would sell more – red or blue. Finally, you decide to take the opinion of your active as well as potential clients by advertising that you have new merchandise but need help with the colour. You purchase two missed call solution numbers and ask them to leave a missed call on them, where one number is defined with one colour.

The consumers who prefer red merchandise leave a missed call on 98xxx-yyyyy. The consumers who prefer blue merchandise leave a missed call om 12aaa-bbbbb. In the end, you can log into your database and see which of the two numbers has received more missed calls and hence  everyone solves your colour dilemma. If you are looking for specific answers, you can call them back at the numbers they left a missed call with.

Missed Call > Other Solutions for polls.

No Time Wasted

MCS is brisk and fast. You don’t spend time convincing a consumer or explaining something to them. You advertise your choice and ask them for their opinion. It takes 11 seconds on average to dial a new number and leave a one-ring bell notification on it. The faster the solution, the lesser time wasted.

Quicker Response

Since the advertisements don’t keep the consumers busy for long and the time taken to dial a number is also just a fraction of a minute, the time taken to respond is even less. People take lesser time to process the response if the time duration of the reaction is short. Therefore, more people will respond in a minute with missed calls, than a phone call.

People other than consumers can also respond 

People love opinions. More than that they love giving opinions. You can receive up to 15% more responses than you do if you use missed call services as a medium to get opinions on a poll or a campaign. More feedback = more improvement = more advancement = more consumers!


 MCS are cost-effective. No one accepts the calls, so the consumers are not charged. The company reverts to comparatively lesser people; therefore you save some money. Hence, missed call services are cost-effective.

All in all, these Services are the best method to use in polls, campaigns, rallies and even minor elections. It saves time, money and wastage of other resources. Get yours here!