Guest Post Guidelines


Do you want to submit a guest post, or be featured in an interview on the Fn4media blog?

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Our readers are interested in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, customer service and related topics.

  • Your article should be original and shouldn’t have been published anywhere online before. However, you may submit a rewritten version of an article you have published elsewhere. You may republish the article on other blogs/publications at least one week after publishing it on our blog.

  • Articles should be between 700 – 3000 words.

  • Please take care to minimize grammatical errors.

  • If you include any data, research, quotes, etc. within your article, please include a link to the source of the information. Please take good care to check the authenticity of any data or research that you include. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in your post.

  • We reserve the right to syndicate your article to the Huffington Post (US) and other blogs. If you do not want it to be syndicated, or it should not be syndicated because of any copyright restrictions, please let us know in advance.

  • Please send us your article idea first: The headline along with a short (within 100 words) outline of the article. If we like the idea, we will ask you for a draft. We will be able to decide whether we publish the article or not only based on the final draft.

  • We ask that you do your bit to share the article on your social media channels.

Please send your ideas to my email address below. If you want to contribute a guest post, please send links to a couple of articles that you have written before.

Please email me at info [at] Fn4media [dot] in ( Just replace the [at] with an @ and the [dot] with a .)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mane Ashok,

Marketing Strategist at Fn4media